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Preventing Sexual Harassment

In Fiscal Year 2006, EEOC received 12,025 charges of sexual harassment, 84.6% of those charges were filed by females. EEOC resolved 11,936 sexual harassment charges in FY 2006 and recovered $48.8 million in monetary benefits for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals (not including monetary benefits obtained through litigation). Sexual harassment is a workplace issue that if properly handled can be of little consequence to you and your company. You play a vital role in preventing sexual harassment from occurring at your company. Not handled properly, sexual harassment can take a toll on the victim, their family, friends, coworkers and your company.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and to labor organizations, as well as to the federal government. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.
National Safety Compliance has developed this training video and materials to assist employees in complying with these regulations, including California AB1825 Sexual Harassment Law.

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English Spanish
The Employees video is 14 minutes and the Managers video is 18 minutes. Both videos address the major areas needed to comply with the regulations, including:
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers/Supervisors
  • What is considered sexual harassment
  • The law concerning sexual harassment
  • How to prevent sexual harassment from occurring
  • What to do when witnessing or feeling victimized by sexual harassment
  • The various forms of sexual harassment
  • Ways to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Your company's written policy
  • The law in regard to sexual harassment
  • How to properly investigate a complaint
To comply with California Law AB1825, both videos must be used to ensure coverage of the necessary information.

Included with each video (DVD or VHS) is the printable Leader's Guide on CD, which includes the following:

  • Video Program Outline
  • Quiz (English & Spanish)
  • Answer Key
  • Training Log / Sign-in Form
  • Certificate
  • Wallet Card / ID Card
  • Scenarios
Training Kit below includes the DVD or VHS, Leader's Guide on CD-Rom (see above for details), 1 of P817 Laminated, 1 of P818 Laminated and 15 Employee Training Booklets.

Complete Training Kit - ENGLISH

Training Kit below includes the Both DVDs or VHSs, Both Leaders' Guides on CD-Rom, 2 of P817 Laminated, 2 of P818 Laminated, 15 Training Booklets for Employees and 15 Training Booklets for Managers.

Complete Training Kit - ENGLISH


Items are available to order individually below:

Please fill in the quantity desired and click Add to Cart at bottom!
Item# Description Price Choose...
Version / Quantity
Employees Managers/Superv.
KD08-0.. Preventing Sexual Harass. DVD $99.95
KD08-0..S Preventing Sexual Harass. DVD (Spanish) $99.95
BP08-0.. Employee Training Booklets (pkg of 10) $12.50
BP08-0..S Employee Training Booklets (pkg of 10) - Spanish $12.50
Item# Description Price Quantity
Standard Size 18" x 24"
LP817 Sexual Harassment Information Poster (English) $12.95
P817 Sexual Harassment Information Non-Laminated Poster (English) $10.95
LP818 Do Not Commit Sexual Harassment Poster (English) $12.95
P818 Do Not Commit Sexual Harassment Non-Laminated Poster (English) $10.95
Jumbo Size 24" x 32"
LJP817 Sexual Harassment Information Laminated Poster (English) $23.95
JP817 Sexual Harassment Information Non-Laminated Poster (English) $19.95
LJP818 Do Not Commit Sexual Harassment Laminated Poster (English) $23.95
JP818 Do Not Commit Sexual Harassment Non-Laminated Poster (English) $19.95

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National Safety Compliance, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality OSHA compliance products at the lowest cost. For OSHA safety training we offer videos, DVDs, software and booklets. In addition to training materials, we offer a complete line of safety posters, labor law posters, lockout/tagout equipment, PPE and first aid kits. Please feel free to contact us with any OSHA questions or product needs.